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White chocolate, popcorn and brownies. Triple the treat. Enjoy the taste that is out of this world.


Rafaello Chew

A crowd favorite, the almond and rich coconut pieces add a decadent flavor. The generous amount of coconut infused onto this brownie makes you feel like you're on an endless vacation.


Classic Hazelnut Nutella

Staff favourite. Coated with buttercream Nutella and as if it couldn't get any better, we topped this treat with roasted hazelnuts. Forever a classic.


The Hulk

A super hero brownie, incredibly cool cream cheese topped with dark chocolate. A perfect balance between sweet and pleasantly tangy.


The Disco

An eventful brownie, loved by all tiny humans. Hugged with a white chocolate base and topped with fun coloured smarties.


Bueno Monster

The ultimate brownie, crafted with bueno paste and a crunchy wafer. These brownies are sure to satisfy even the biggest kinder chocoholic.


Cookie Monster

A kids favourite. White chocolate ganache coloured in blue (natural colouring), topped with a real Oreo® cookie piece and chocolate eyes. Chewy, gooey and fudgy


Cookies n Cream

Mouth-watering cookies and cream cream cheese brownies with an ooey -gooey fudge-like center, studded with chunks of real Oreo® cookie pieces.


Coffee Infusion Mini Cone

Coffee infused buttercream topped with a mini cone. No need to save the best for last and to wait till the end of your ice cream to enjoy the chocolate filled wafer.


Caramel Storm

A rich, decadent caramel toffee sauce with crunchy toasted pecans. These topping of nuts are savory but sweet, with a nice rich buttery undertone and just the right amount of salt to keep it interesting.


Kinder Bueno

Our over-the-top brownies with a Kinder Bueno twist. Classic gooey handmade chocolate brownie covered in a hazelnut cream and drizzled with Belgian chocolate.


Snickers Caramel

These brownies are fudgy, rich, and dotted with Snickers candy chunks. If you love big, fat brownies and Snickers are your fave candy bar, THIS is for you.

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